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Hi Experts,

       I am working on an web application (wagtail cms) like django-cms, which is in aws ubuntu.  Its backend is postgres, with elastic search few modules reactjs and nodejs.
The application is deployed in docker containers.  uwsgi is the upstream server for nginx.

      I get lots of errors with npm build, i am not able to run the application.  sometimes ports are not accessible. postgres is using 5432, elasticsearch is 9200. react is rendering on 9009. I get lots of dependencies error.    At what situation I have to use dockers?  sometimes I get errors in nginx configuration. could please tell what is good practice for npm build, run deploy.  

    What is the best way to architect the development and test environment?

    Will I be able access the postgresql, elastic search and nginx in linux ubuntu on aws with cms source code and contents on windows local pc?   or having the copy of postgresql, elastic search, cms contents and nginx all on a windows pc as development environment environment.   Elastic search has huge data.  and how to deploy the application on dockers in linux environment.

    What is the best way to have a development environment?  what is best test environment

   could you please tell me on how elastic search data is stored on postgres and what is network host setting in elastic search how it accessed from outside application.

    Could you please throw light on how to create development and test environment.

with many thanks,

Bharath AK
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Hi Moderator,

Thank you so much

With Thanks and Regards,

Bharath AK
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I do not use this CMS but will try and help. It seems you have a lot going on here.

The best thing to do is follow the instructions here on your local machine.  Stop at item 6) You can now access the administrative area at

Once that is complete, go to the deployment docs which includes a checklist of items

At this point is where it seems you have some questions.  The best way to get help here is to stop at the first error. Then base your question off that one error and let the Experts know the steps you took and exact errors.

Right now, your query my be too general for the Experts to answer.  I hope this helps.


Hi Scott,

Thank you,

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