inexpensive CCTV video cameras for security system?

I bought a security camera system like this one:

mine comes with less cameras than channels.

Looking to get cheap cameras that will work with this for the extra, unused channels. Willing to give up on resolution. Just looking for low cost.

these cameras have a BNC and power connector.  I've been using RJ45 to BNC converters that work fine.

Just don't know what to look for in specs to be sure the cameras can work with this system.

would something like this work? If you google the lorex camera model number it talks of pal / ntsc.. this doesn't mention that it will / won't work with NTSC...

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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Why not buy the cameras from the manufacturer? if you buy a 4 pack the cameras work out to $60CDN/each
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
because there's cheaper ones like this one

but I don't know if these are compatible.  the system description talks of analog and ntsc. The camera page doesn't mention those but does have the same bnc and power connectors?  Good enough?!

But this page:

gives me 2nd thoughts - how do I know what type of DVR I have? 980h analog?

these cheaper cameras are just for putting in nooks / crannies of the house for peace of mind for water leaks, etc in the basement.... resolution isn't important (this camera mentions Horizontal Resolution: 800TV-Lines. that's a little better / comparable to the 720p of  '1/2 HD"?
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