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I'm setting up an LACP trunk between 2 Procurve switches

How many links shall I provide? Is 4 better than two? Do I need 2 trunks on can all 4 links go into 1 LACP trunk?
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Distinguished Expert 2018
4 is better than 2. 4 ports can be bundled together.
You can find details on link - Optimizing Traffic Flow with Port Controls, Port Trunking, and Filters
nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018
Define Better....

if better is higher bandwidth then yes 4 is better.
if redundancy is required the cables need to use at least different bus controllers inside the system... and share the least amount of common components possible. Two cable will be enough.

About LACP i have seen LACP bundled lines collapse under heavy load. So you may want to use static trunks instead.
(The LACP frames drowned out in the data, causing port separation, followed by flapping etc). After setting up as static config  no more problems & hickups.

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