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Cristian Caratti
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I'm trying to send some data via phpMailer but I can get the input fields from the booking form.
I think it's because they've been formatted and I don't have any more ideas about how to do the job...

Basically I have the bform.php (form) filled up by the customer and on submit it's sent to the pre_booking-test.php file where the data is formatted and then sent to callback.php where 'raw' data's finally sent via phpMailer to the website admin. Someone has an idea how to 'parse' this raw data?
I'm attaching the files to make clear what is going on.
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Cristian CarattiSoftware developer


Hi, Thank you for your suggestion.
I can get some data this way but in this format:
orderreference=QS54625+09jhtio76875d7bffa2d1ee1054491af6285+TT+Doc+Read+-+London+2018&paymenttype=INVOICE ($data)
is it possible to parse $data?
ex.   $data = file_get_contents('php://input');

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