MAC "finder" accessing Windows file share - files briefly display and then disappear

Just recently replaced a failing Server 2003 server with a Buffalo NAS unit running Server 2012 Storage Server R2 - this is a small shop so this unit is working nicely so far with the following exception.

Transferred files off the Server 2003 box onto a NAS share and all operations are functioning properly for all users.....EXCEPT 2 MAC users who access files off a share setup for these MAC users to work with. When these users browse the Window share using "Finder" - they do the initial connect fine. The drive is mounted and an alias is setup on their desktop. All the files will display in the share for a few seconds..and then the file share window will do a refresh...and all the files disappear. The files are still on the share..they just disappear from the MAC view. It's the oddest issue. No problem for any of the Window users...just happening to these 2 MAC users.

My last effort today was to add the username/password these MAC users use when they log onto their MAC systems (they don't have to put in the password..the MAC's boot straight to a desktop after a restart/power-up) - I added these same username/password to the "Local Users and Groups" on the Server 2012 - re-propagated permissions on the share...still no go.

Looking for a life-line as I'm out of
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Which OS X are the Macs?  That could make a difference.  Macs have had terrible SMB support since Mavericks.  They've been improving it each iteration, but they're still broken.  They didn't want to use open sourced SAMBA, because SAMBA went to GPLv3, so they wrote their own and haven't gotten fully compatible yet.

You might want to replace the Mac SMB with SAMBA and it should work better.
hwtechAuthor Commented:
I"ll have to check which OS X version the Macs are running.  Now that you mention SMB support - these files that were originally on a USB drive connected to Server 2003..they had no problems like what we're dealing with now when accessing off Server 2003.  Server 2012 is SMB v3 - whereas Server 2003 SMB was v1 -  So given no problems prior on the old system - and now the issue after moving files to Server 2012 may well be related as you're suggesting.

I"m not a MAC guy per se..can you possibly point me to a document or elaborate on how to replace Mac SMB with Samba? Did a quick search and seeing several references to what you're the meantime I'll check w/ customer on OSX version..thanks -
hwtechAuthor Commented:
Got one MAC running "Sierra v10.12.6" - and the 2nd MAC running "High Sierra v10.13.3"...
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First see if you can connect with cifs://share instead of smb://share

hwtechAuthor Commented:
Wanted to provide an update. Made it back to the customer site today and did the cifs share connection method.  Need to let the users run a few days with this change in order to gauge the results.

One user in particular was complaining of slowness when browsing or attempting a save onto the NAS. I implemented the changes in this article Not sure if this was needed on this move to a cifs means of access, but changes were made on the 1 MAC experiencing slowness.

Will update after I give it a few days of use..if not before if issue remains unresolved..
Definitely enable DSDontWriteNetworkStores.  That cause even more problems when multiple Mac users access the same Windows share.  You'll have much fewer headaches later on.
hwtechAuthor Commented:
Well still no go. These 2 users still getting slow browse and saves on the cifs windows share connection - files disappearing from the finder view.

I've not yet installed SMBUp and most articles I"ve read are using SMBUp to fix issues with file share issues where the shares are being hosted by the MAC - not the reverse issue I'm having with MAC's accessing shares hosted by a Server 2012 system.

The DSDontWriteNetworkStores mod I only did on 1 of the 2 MAC's. Not sure if not having it on only one of the systems is causing both MAC's to have this issue?

Not sure where to go next on this issue...suggestions?......thanks -
hwtechAuthor Commented:
Wanted to provide an update for anyone interested.

Wound up installing a QNAP NAS and having the MAC users connect via AFP - by all accounts, working flawlessly.

So putting this one to bed -
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