remote connection to office cannot print to my home computer

I am  the administrator of a Windows Server 2016 essentials domain.

I go to to connect my home windows 10 pro laptop to my windows 7 pro desktop at work.
I get to the desktop and everything works except for remote printing to my home Brother hl-l2380dw printer.

The desktop printers and devices shows several printers
brother hl-l2380dw series
hp laser jet 5 north (redirected 1)
hp laserjet 5 south(redirected 1)

Why isn't the brother printer being redirected?  I am pretty sure I have the right drivers set up.

Naturally, the laserjets cannot be used to print because I don't have a lserjet at home.  In fact, I would prefer they not be redirected, because I sometimes like to print things at the office for a coworker to see.

Tomorrow I a going to haul the Brother to the office just to make sure I have a working driver.  

This is the one big advantage gotomypc.logmein have over RDP: the gotomypc printers work without a bunch of monkey business.
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
D you have any prompts that looks like this?
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
For printer redirection to work, you would need the same hl-l2380dw drivers loaded onto the 2016 server. If the server cannot locate a useable driver, the sysem event log on the server will show a error event. I only have a 2008 server in front of me, on that it is Source TerminalServices-Printers, Event ID 1111. Probably the same on 2016.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
You are connecting from Home with Brother printer installed on your local PC to your company network, (Windows 7 workstation) where Brother printer is NOT INSTALLED.
You can check this in Windows 7 Windows Event Log.
Just download Brother drivers (simply drivers for printer only) and install it on your company Windows 7 computer (you can select Port LPT1) since this is not important,
If your Windows 7 will have Brother drivers it will redirect printing to your home connected Brother printer after RDP connection.

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rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
1, yes I saw a similar screen, and both clipboard and printers had the check box turned on.  This is confirmed by the fact that the laserjets were redirected.  

And, yes, all 3 computers (WseServer, HomeLaptop123, and HostDesktop234) have what I hope is the correct printer driver installed.

HomeLaptop123   has 8 printers, 5 of which are not redirected. Each of the 5 gets a error log on HostDellDesktop.

The WseServer machine does not have anything in the System log.  But that is because it is NOT our print server.
HostDesktop234 is the print server, and each of the 5 UN-redirected gets an error. The most interesting error is

Driver Brother Laser Type1 Class Driver required for printer Brother HL-L2380DW series Printer is unknown. Contact the administrator to install the driver before you log in again.
So, I presume I installed the driver incorrectly. But not for lack of trying.

That is why I am going to lug the printer to work tomorrow. That way I can be 100% positive that I have it installed correctly on HostDesktop234. Thank god, this problem did not happen with our West Coast home user.  I had no trouble getting that to work.

You would think after 20 years of providing remote access, Microsoft would have figured out a better way of doing this printer stuff. GotoMyPc hardly ever has a problem with remote printers -- they are automatically there and they usually work immediately with no setup.  Of course, gotomypc has other problems so I'll stick with with RWW.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
My home computer has a "brother laser type1 class driver".  I cannot find that driver on the brother website, and the drivers I have found seem to be type3

I am reluctant to reinstall my home driver--it is a wireless configuration which was a pain to get working, so I do not want to break it.

I found a 3rd party website that claims to have the type 1 driver but I don't really trust it.


As usual Windows sticks it to me.  As a workaround,  I will use pdf995 to print whatever I want, then copy the resulting pdf to my home desktop and print it with adobe reader.

But, I will leave this question open for a few days in case somebody has a brilliant suggestion.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
The good news is that I can connect to a office windows 10 pro machine and everything works automatically. Windows 10 automatically creates a new driver named "l2380dw redirected 1" which prints on my home computer. When I disconnect Windows 10 cleans things up by deleting that driver.
Windows 10 worked great (at least for this function).  

Also, Tom Cieslik is almost certainly correct that installing the same driver on both my home computer and my office computer is required to solve the problem under windows 7.   Mal Osborn gave nearly identical advice except he suggested installing it on the Windows 2016 server.  That advice only holds when the Windows 2016 machine is a Print Server, which is not the case here.  In our environment, the driver needs to go on the client.

Unfortunately, I could not find a download that matches the current driver on my home computer. I will eventually upgrade my home computer to use a more recent driver, and everything will then match for Windows 7.  But right now I have more important things to do, so I am closing this question.
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