Create Word Booklet on A4 with 2 on 1 Page Layout double size

I have created a Word document. I want to print it out with 2 on 1 page with double side. As the final printout will be folded up together and binded at the middle on the document. Is it possible for Word to align the document actually such that for example a 8 pages of document will be printed out as 2 pages with the numbering below :

First Page
(front)  P.2 | P.7
(back)  P. 1 | P.8

Second Page
(front)  P. 4 | P.5
(back)   P.3   | P.6
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If I understand you correctly, I believe you can go to the Layout tab, expand Page Setup area  and on the Margins tab you choose "Book Fold" under Multiple Pages in the Pages section.

Page Layout Dialogue Box
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
The Word will be printed it as pic 1.
Afterwards, it will be folded up as pic 2.

Yes, that should work as long as your printer can handle 2 sided printing.
Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
i usually do the booklet printing via the printer properties. (file - print - printer properties)
Untitled.pngof course it differs from a printer to another.
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