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what are some real world (may be even cool)  example or applications, anyone has worked on ,  in XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) and XSLT trasformation?
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  1. DB upgrade
  2. Website - Data -> CSS styled format
  3. Load testing soap requests.
  4. Performance Evaluation

My first xslt experience was a database backup and upgrade operation, where the enterprise would back up a client's entire database to xml. We used xslt along with other Java functions to transform the older version to a newer version, adding in timestamps, unique GUIDs, other calculations. This let us use custom functions that we couldn't program into MSSQL or MySQL, as well as remaining sql implementation independent => We could handle any database style as long the xml import was set up accordingly.

With another client, our website used xml database queries, using xslt stylesheets to format the data into html presentable with .css stylesheets.

XSLT was invaluable in load testing SOAP interfaces, as we could run xslt on one response to get the parameters to send another request. Eg, we could have a search request, and then after getting the results of the search, create multiple document retrieve requests from the xml results.

XSLT was useful in creating performance evaluation requests, based on dynamic criteria and categories. This allowed us to create different results on the same data by passing in different parameters. Combined with javascript or some other browser scripting language, it created a robust, feature rich experience, with a highly efficient interface.
novice programmerAuthor Commented:
@jkmyoung - those sounds really interesting. do you have any links to tutorials/blogs, sample example projects that I can take a look at .

I know the basics and willing to learn more .
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