Outlook 2010 - Calendar empty after the creation of a new Outlook Profile

Hello, thanks for your help...
Outlook 2010 connected to Exchange - Calendar empty after the creation of a new Outlook Profile
User has full access to a generic mailbox therefore allowed to access the calendar from the generic mailbox
User reports that everyone but him can access the events from the Calendar of a Generic Mailbox
Removed the user from the generic mailbox
removed the generic mailbox from Outlook
re-added the user to the generic mailbox
re-added the generic mailbox to Outlook
Still the same, user unable to see the Calendar events
Any idea please, many thanks, Trevor
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Hi Trevor,

Does that mean that they can see the calendar items if they connect via OWA?

I think the best option would be to check the permissions.

Are you an Exchange Admin?  Can you access PowerShell (Exchange Management Shell)?  If so, then you could it like this (I will split the commands into separate lines so easier to see what is happening).  Issue these commands (either one at a time at the prompt, or via a script):

	$Z10_Data = Get-Mailbox

	$Z20_Data = $Z10_Data | Get-MailboxPermission

	$Z30_Data = $Z20_Data | Select *, @{n='AccessRights'; e={$_.AccessRights -Join ','}} -Exclude AccessRights

	$Z30_Data | Export-CSV C:\ZZ_MailboxPermissions.csv -NoTypeInformation

Open in new window

Open the file (C:\ZZ_MailboxPermissions.csv) in Excel (say), apply an autofilter, and filter to only show the Identity = The mailbox that the user is having trouble seeing into.

Compare the user (User field) against someone that *can* see into the calendar, and see what differences there are in the permissions.

Specifically, try changing the one that is not working to have the same permissions as the one that is working.

Hope that helps,

Hi Trevor,

Can they see the calendar items if they connect via OWA?

If so, try creating a new profile in Outlook.

If not, then likely it is a permissions issue.

Trevor_MAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alan
This what I was suspecting and although the full access permissions are available this is not working for him
Is there anyway we can force Exchange to refresh the account such as running a Client command to synchronise the permissions?
In spite of a new Outlook profile he is still unable to access the events from the Calendar,
Thank you
Way to resolve suggested.
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