disabling TLS-RSA cipher on windows 2008 R2 server

can you guide me in disabling TLS-RSA cipher on windows 2008 R2 server?

This is security requirement...
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Seconded IISCrypto tool for the GUI. Go for the best practice. Ideal case is only TLS1.2 (no lower version) and use of ECC (no RSA due to ROBOT attack ) and with Perfect Forward Secrecy. One handy powershell script to configure your server with PFS and TLS 1.2 - which is self explanatory and you can comment out those other version like TLS1.0, 1.1 (under client and server SCHANNEL communications) and RSA (under KeyExchangeAlgorithms) - caution that it may break like RDP need TLS 1.0 still...
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
the best way to set up your cipher suites is to use nartac iis crypto.  Changes will come into effect after reboot.
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