managing windows defender

DO Microsoft offer any tools to check the configuration of windows defender AV against best practices?

also if you use windows defender in a corporate environment, what tools are used for oversight of AV status across your devices like you get with other commercial AV products? with defender, does a central server push out the updates, or is it more common they download directly from the Internet?

can defender be amended / disabled by standard users or only local admin rights.
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WSUS can deploy the updates for defender. The clients use WSUS regularly to check for updated signature files.
Standard users cannot tune or disable windows defender.
There is a variety of GPOs to control defender - worth looking into it.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
An Administrator can make adjustments to Windows Defender (exclusion, detailed settings if needed)

Windows Defender is highly automated and does need a lot of management in a good environment
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