Repair Toshiba Laptop driver errors

My Toshiba Satellite C55-B5202 is all messed up after trying to update drivers. The Intel drivers were uninstalled and after trying to refresh the laptop I see drivers for Vista, Windows 7 and other OS instead of Windows 8.1 x64. Windows Search is now Win 7, my Intel drivers are Vista now so the PCI, USB, Video/Audio, Network and other drivers are wrong and won't update to Windows 8.1 drivers when I try to update them. The BIOS info is missing important hardware information and I can't figure out how to add the part numbers & other product info to get proper product support using the Toshiba software loaded to repair what is wrong & update what can be updated. Even the BootMgr says it's a Vista OS KB file from Microsoft so I'm not even getting Windows 8.1 when I start up the laptop.

When I go to the Toshiba support website and enter C55-B5202 the "manuals & specs" tab has the PDF with detiled info on Model Name, Part Number & UPC and tells me basic info on the laptop's features... but the "drivers & updates" tab has incorrect links/info that either don't get installed when I try to install something, or the incorrect OS version is installed even though I selected "Windows 8.1 64-bit".

The page that comes up for thedrivers & updates link for my machine & OS version is

The BIOS links are for machines with the product numbers PSCLUx & PSCLYx which is Satellite C50x-B/C55x-B  laptops.

My laptop is PSCMLx like the page link for the Satellite C55-B5201 laptop for the PSCMLx & PSCMQx machines listed as Satellite C50-B/C55-B/C50t-B/C55t-B laptops.

How can I get the incorrect drivers removed and install the correct versions & OS platforms so I can try to update this laptop to Windows 10 or is the best I can hope for is to get Windows 8.1 x64 reloaded the way it was when I bought this new & update 8.1 as much as possible?

I need help finding system information so anything I'm missing or is incorrect can be changed. Any help on these categories is appreciated:

OS Name      
Other OS Description
System Name
System Manufacturer
System Model
System Type
System SKU
BIOS Version/Date
SMBIOS Version
Embedded Controller Version
BaseBoard Manufacturer
BaseBoard Model
BaseBoard Name
Platform Role      Mobile
Windows Directory
System Directory
Boot Device

The original Computer Name would be helpful... it's listed as HOME now. How can I change the Computer Name, Manufacturer, Model, Model Number,  Categories, Description, Domain, DNS Suffix, PATH and other environment info back to what it is supposed to be for a C55-B5202

Intel Celeron N2830 Bay Trail-M ZBWAA LA-B303P motherboard  K000891180
Zen RhinoAsked:
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you can force old drivers to appear in your Device Manager list. Open an admin command prompt and type:


Open in new window

This will show up all non present, old and invisible drivers to show up in the Device Manager list.  After that uninstall all old and incorrect drivers from the device list and then either reboot or reinstall the correct drivers and reboot.


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may i ask what was the reason for updating the drivers? - you may have other problems?

Following my procedure will enable the asker to install the right drivers.

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