SharePoint 2016 on premise - can the server side web service be anything that accepts JSON?

SharePoint 2016 on premise - can the server side web service be anything that accepts JSON?

We are running SharePoint 2016 on premise and will stay on premise for at least the next 2 years. I have been reading that most of the development done with SharePoint 2016 is client side development meaning that the web part executes on the client endpoint, not server side language is needed.

However for some of the custom apps where we need the business logic in c# / WCF or something like that, will it work with anything that accepts and returns JSON?

Microsoft recommends using "Azure Functions" for this, but again we have web services in our environment that can JSON, so we want to leverage the existing infrastructure.
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
SharePoint CSOM is called "client side" because you're not accessing the SharePoint data directly from SQL... BUT, it's not "client side" in the sense of being run in a client side browser.  It's C#, so the code runs server side.

More on CSOM versioning:
sqlagent007Author Commented:
Thank you, so I am understanding the the CSOM is what makes the magic of the web part interact with SharePoint, like when a use needs to select "Acme Company" from a list of companies.

What about when the user needs to enter information about "Acme Co" and based on that information the c# code needs to query other system (non SharePoint), then aggregate the data and display it back to the user.

My understanding is that we would create a web part for the user to get a list of companies from SharePoint or any source, but when the heavy lifting like searching our warehouse system and then making decisions based on the results of the warehouse query, maybe even updating records in the warehouse database this is done with a web service and the web part just sends and receives information over JSON.

Here is an example:
* User selects acme company from list in web part
* User needs to update some records for acme company, and maybe some of the logic is already built in another WCF app
* Can the web part just send the data via JSON, let the WCF web service go out and do what it needs to do, then send the results back over JSON for display to the web part?

If yes are there any restrictions on what web services the web part can talk to over JSON?
sqlagent007Author Commented:
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