Exchange OWA Error (Something Went Wrong)


hope you are doing well,

i have issue in my exchange 2016, briefly, i have installed new domain on windows 2012 standard, also i added another server to install exchange, did all the necessary preparation on both domain and exchange and all went well. finished the installation of the exchange 2016 successfully. did all the necessary configuration on the exchange and all are good. so the Exchange Admin Center is working fine, but when i try to login to the user i have the below error:


Something went wrong

An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn't be handled.
X-ClientId: 15BED63F62FB4FDB809703ED2534C19D
request-id 1ac56275-a1ab-48cf-9f82-880c49767a19
X-OWA-Error Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.ExAssertException
X-OWA-Version 15.1.1415.4
Date:3/13/2018 4:30:06 PM

Fewer details...

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i did all the search necessary on this issue but with no use, but keep in mind that i configured the outlook to the exchange and its working fine, so i have a problem in the OWA interface.

thank you for your help in advance.


Abdo Haiadar
Abdo HaidarSenior Systems EngineerAsked:
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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Hi Abdo Haidar,
Please try to update to the latest CU8.
Make sure it is build 15.01.1415.002 after upgrade.  By the below command you can find the build.
Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List Name, Edition, AdminDisplayVersion

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Abdo HaidarSenior Systems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Dear Sir,

thank you for your Fast Reply,

i think i already have the latest version, below is the input your command:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List Name, Edition, AdminDisplayVersion

Name                : COMM
Edition             : StandardEvaluation
AdminDisplayVersion : Version 15.1 (Build 1415.2)
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
First try to open in a private/incognito window.
If that doesn't help please try to recreate OWA and ECP virtual directory.
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PLease check SSL certificates are propery assigned to Default site and Backend Site in IIS .
Abdo HaidarSenior Systems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Dear MAS (MVE)

i have followed the steps in your link, please find below my findings:

first of all my External URL on both OWA and ECP was blank, so i followed the deletion and creation steps and now they are available, but still i am facing the same issue, also one more thing, i am facing this issue local on the server, but when i connect to the OWA on another computer on the same network i am receiving the below error:

Not Found
HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.
Abdo HaidarSenior Systems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Dear Gaurav,

i am sorry i am new to Exchange and IIS thing, can you elaborate more how to check if they are properly assigned.

thank you a lot.
i am not sure what exchange or windoes server you are using. to check ssl in IIS follow below steps

what version of exchange you are using?
Abdo HaidarSenior Systems EngineerAuthor Commented:
Dear Gaurav,

thank you for your reply, and sorry for late reply i was out of office.

i am using windows server 2012 fresh installation, and exchange 2016 also fresh installation.
Riaz Alexander AnsaryEnterprise Infrastructure Systems EngineerCommented:
i see you have installed CU8 of exchange. its a known issue with CU8. to fix please do this
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Enough information to confirm answer.
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