Using Login Credentials as a parameter when running Report in SQL Reporting Services 2008

I have a Monthly expenses report deployed to a 2008 Reporting Service’s Server.
Individuals can run this report by choosing their name from a drop down list.
However they can also chose other names and run the report, and this is causing a privacy issue.
Is there some way I can use the users logon credentials (it is an AD network) as a parameter and not use the drop down list of names?
I am using Visual Studio 2008 for modifications.
Any advice appreciated, thanks
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Arifhusen AnsariConnect With a Mentor Business Intelligence Developer and AnalystCommented:
Yes. You can do the same for AD network user name and password.

There is a variable in ssrs report. This variable will give you the ad username of person executing report.

Store parameter values in table in sql and create data set based on that table.

You can pass UserID variable value to data set query parameter. It will only show user who is executing report.

refer below screenshot for userid variable location.

HOpe it will help you.
blossomparkAuthor Commented:
Perfect! Exactly what I wanted !! Thank you!!
blossomparkAuthor Commented:
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