Problems with Dell Precison laptop using tapping in touchpad

We have a new Dell Precision 7740 laptop, Windows 10. On w Windows 2012 network. When using the touchpad in our accounting app, Skyline, it works most of the area in the program and menus.  When we try to run some reports, we have issues.  The reports are created in Crystal Reports by the software developer.  

We can use the pad to point and single tap the pad on fields and buttons.  Once we tap apply button in report selections get circling pointer, we point at OK button and tap and instead of the report preview coming to screen we get the error in the attached Word doc.
When you tap the pad on the Ok button in the error it reduces the BadFromNum=9 by one number each tap on ok and then finally after 9 taps it runs the preview to screen.     If we use the touch pad to point cursor at fields and buttons and click with the left click button under or over pad versus tapping pad the error does not occurs.  We can use the TAB key on keyboard and enter key to move through the reports fields and buttons and no error.  We also have plugged in a usb mouse and it works fine.  There is something with the tapping on some buttons that must do this.
We have another Precision running Windows 7 Pro and it has been fine for 3 years no tapping problems. Also have a Dell latitude with Windows 10 and it works fine with tapping.
Dell installed a new motherboard and touchpad and connectors and still have the problem.  They are scratching heads.  The software developer doesn’t have a clue as they have not seen this, and we actually have two laptops working fine tapping the tap pad for all entries.   We change the speed and turned off all gestures in the Dell Touchpad setup other than single and double tap per a video we saw and still no good.
None of the Dell desktops have a problem, all have wired or wireless mice.
I am not sure if there could be a latency issue with this particular laptop over its network connection.  We have it hard wired not wireless.  The application is client server.  All data is on server.  We have uninstalled the client piece of the software on the new laptop and old one. Reinstalled the client piece on both with same setup/install process and the old one works tapping and new one still has some issues in reports.  We only use Office apps on the new laptop and haven’t used them much since this started right away with the other app so they seem ok.
Strangest thing I have seen lately. Any ideas?Sky-form-error-3-11-2018.docx
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The first test I would do is to try using an external mouse to recreate the problem.  If that works, I'd start looking at how to restore the touchpad to factory defaults.  Something is hinky with what the touchpad is sending to Crystal reports.
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