Question about ADFS autologging specific users where all users share a common URL

I'm new to ADFS. Is it possible to set up an ADFS SSO where a specific group of users get automatically logged into a web app while everyone else gets prompted to enter their domain credentials with all using a common URL to that web app? Would this be as simple as having a claim rule where looking for users in a specific group?
Don HarveyAsked:
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This is not possible and if it is, it then defeats the purpose of ADFS
The sole purpose of ADFS is to authenticate users / devices and your claim rules or any other relying party trusts would come in picture once you successfully logon with ADFS

U can save ADFS password with browser cache / credential manager to auto logon when its using Form based auth
When using Windows Integrated Auth, you can enter ADFS URL to intranet site zone in IE and thus users can auto logon with currently logged on user
U can skip auto logon by avoiding above methods, but it's not really what you wanted to do
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