python i have error in nonetype how to slove it

Posted on 2018-03-13
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Last Modified: 2018-03-13
python i have error in nonetype how to slove it

Here i am trying to get domain names of the companies and the company names are stored in new.csv  

**The code i have used**  

    import pandas as pd
    import clearbit
    import json
    clearbit.key = 'sk_1915de5d2d7b6e245d6613e3d2188368'
    df = pd.read_csv("/home/vipul/Desktop/new.csv", sep=',', encoding="utf-8")
    saved_column = df['Company'].dropna()
    res = []
    for data in saved_column:   
        n = saved_column[i]
        i = i+1
        data = clearbit.NameToDomain.find(name=n)
        if data is None null() res.append(data['domain'])
    df['domain'] = res
    df.to_csv("/home/vipul/Desktop/new.csv",index = False, skipinitialspace=False)
    print("File saved to desktop as new.csv")

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**output of the code**
    python ts.py
    0                ‎Accenture
    1              ‎AND Digital
    2                ‎Accenture
    3    ‎Kite Consulting Group
    4                ‎Capgemini
    5             ‎Accenture UK
    Name: Company, dtype: object
    ['accenture.com', 'and.digital']
    ['accenture.com', 'and.digital', 'accenture.com']
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "ts.py", line 15, in <module>
    TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

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How to give some default value where NoneType encounters and store it with the corresponding company names which is in new.csv

**Expected output to be saved in new.csv**

    Company                  domain
    ‎Accenture                accenture.com
    ‎AND Digital              and.digital
    ‎Accenture                accenture.com
    ‎Kite Consulting Group    None
    ‎Capgemini                capgemini.com
    ‎Accenture UK             None
Question by:Vipul Rao

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