Certificate signed by an untrusted issuer

Certificate is stating this error:

This certificate was signed by an untrusted inssuer

The issuer was my subCA (we have an offline rootCA) as well.

I apologize, I don't know much about PKI Infrastructure and how to troubleshoot this but.... if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Dave NimaiAsked:
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Shimshey RosenbergSysAdminCommented:
Where did you get this? This is most likely caused by self-signed certificates, as you mentioned that is was your subCA. do the clients trust this as a root CA?
what happened here is your sub ca certificate or / and root ca certificate is not installed on clients trusted root certificate store and hece you are getting abovee rror

U need to install root ca cert and sub ca certificate public key on affected machine or on all machines by group policy
Check below link
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