Redirect local download folder per profile to their network share dir

Greetings Experts.  Because of business operations, we need to change the local downloads folder to each users network share (s: drive).  On their S:\ drive is a folder called Work_Downloads.  Is there a way that I can redirect the users local downloads folder to their s:\work_downloads directory?  I tried a GP but I can't use \\server\share\%username%\work_downloads.  GP shaves off \%username%\work_downloads.  If I put in s:\, it uses what I have mapped on my PC.  

We are using Windows 7 32bit Enterprise and the file server is W2k12 R2.  We are in an AD environment.  I need to know 1) if it is possible to redirect the local downloads dir and 2) how to go about it.

Thank you in advance for your help and time!
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use folder redirection and redirect user folders to network share and everytime user profile loads, it will connect to network share, infact no need to map this network share with drive letter as download folder will point to remote share
step by step:
samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks Mahesh.  I read through that article and believe it addresses the basic idea.

What I'm trying to accomplish is redirecting the local My Downloads folder to the Work_Downloads folder on the users network share.  If that's possible.
give work download as basic path for folder redirection so that it will create username followed by download folder under root folder
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