Exchange distro groups updating real-time on messages

My managers have pointed out to me when they go look at old emails they sent to distribution groups, its updated with the current distro group and not who they actually sent it to. Is there a setting to toggle so that it doesn't show updated information. For example a manager was disputing an email he sent to an employee that is no longer a member of the distro but when he went to show the employees name on the email as proof, it showed the updated list so their name wasnt included. I know ultimately, I could go in and run discovery but just wondering if there was something to toggle on the back end for my managers.
Earl KnightIT DirectorAsked:
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Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Unfortunately, there is no option available.  This is a function of distros.  You will need to either look to message tracking or have the users type the names of the intended recipients in the message body or have IT maintain a record of changes to the distros/mailboxes.
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