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In Visio, org charts, can all pages be formatted at once ? Struggling to put a head and a backround on each page without having to do it manually. Is there a Visio manual at all?
kate harwoodAsked:
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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
The trick to formatting each page of an org chart the same way is to do it before you create the chart:
1) Start a new org chart.
2) Cancel the org chart wizard if it starts; you now have a blank document with one page.
3) Add a background page and link it to Page-1.
4) Place your logo or other elements on the background page.
5) Save your document as a Visio Template (saving it as a template instead of a document allows you to reuse it later).
6) Close the template document.

At this point, you simply double-click your custom template and then create an org chart. Because Page-1 has a background page, all pages added by the org chart wizard will have the same background page.
kate harwoodAuthor Commented:
Will give it a go thanks !

did you manage to see my other question re the monetary value staying in the Shape Data ?
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