How can I redirect an external URL to an internal host IP for staff using the external URL to access the host from within my local network?

I have a Windows 2012 DNS server with an internal Forward Lookup Zone of (I'm not using my real domain names). I have a separate domain hosted on an external DNS server. When staff want to access an internal host from the Internet (outside of the office), they use the url On my internal Windows DNS server I would like anyone trying to access to be redirected to the appropriate internal host versus being sent to the public IP. I'm not familiar with how to configure this. I tried configuring another forward lookup zone for on my internal Windows DNS server with an A record of and the internal IP Address of the internal host. However, it did not work.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you.
Robert BAsked:
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whatever you did on internal dns server is correct..
how your users are connecting to internal network, through VPN?
U need to ensure that while user connects to internal network via VPN, the VPN network should get DNS server IP as internal DC/DNS server IPs, then it will resolve
There must be DHCP some where in network which is responsible for leasing out IPs to VPN clients
U need to change DNS setting in that dhcp scope to point to internal AD /DNS sever
Yves AccadNetwork Security EngineerCommented:
Also if you just made the change you may need to flush dns cache on local hosts if you are talking about your internal hosts.
Robert BAuthor Commented:

Thank you both for your comments, advice, and assistance with the issue. Was a combination of both of your comments that helped me resolve the issue.
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