highlight current record is highlighting ALL records

Ho -
I have a form for which I need to do conditional formatting (the selected record is to be shown different from the unselected records). So I have an invisible field an on the "on current" event I have:

Private Sub Form_Current()

    Me.F113_NumeroProjetoCorrente = Me.F113_NumeroProjeto
    If CurrentProject.AllForms("F91_LoggedUser").IsLoaded Then
        Forms!F91_LoggedUser!F91_NumeroProjetoCorrente = Me.F113_NumeroProjeto
    End If

End Sub

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Then, on the fields conditional formatting, I have:

the fields:

the conditional formatting function:

and the output:

All records are "current" (!)

And the top hidden field (shown for teste, is OK)

can anyone help?
João serras-pereiraAsked:
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)Connect With a Mentor President / OwnerCommented:
Not sure exactly what your doing, but the problem is that a field must be bound (have a controlsource set) in order to be different for each row.

 If not, then Access assumes all rows are the same.

João serras-pereiraAuthor Commented:
Hi Jim -

Actually the field is bound, but your comment pointed me  to the right track!
The hidden field, by my mistake, was also bound (too many Ctrl C/V). And is must NOT be bound! it is perfectly working now!
Thanks again
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