Spanning RDS session across multiple screens

I have a laptop and two additional external monitors. I am able to extend my laptop's screen to these two monitors giving me three monitors/screens in all. I am trying to access my company's RDS 2012 R2 environment which when using two monitors/screens can be spread across both monitors/screens. For some reason now that I have three monitors/screens I am no longer able to spread the RDS session across two monitors/screens. The session is only able to be maximized to one screen. I want to be able to maximize/spread my RDS session across the two monitor screens and still use my laptops screens as an additional screen (third screen) for additional work.

Any idea/suggestions on how to accomplish this?
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Shane MacNeillSr VP of ITCommented:
Try this and met me know, it works great for my triple monitor setup.

right click the Remote Desktop connection, then select "edit"
then click the display tab
in there you will see an option to use all your monitors. as below:
rdp edit
After checking the box (IMPORTANT)
click the General tab again and hit "Save"
then close the window and try to connect.
dowhatyoudo22Author Commented:
Tried it but no luck, same results.
dowhatyoudo22Author Commented:
The issue appears to be with the specific application that was being deployed. After trying other applications I was able to get the session to span multiple monitors.

dowhatyoudo22Author Commented:
making the suggested change address the issue
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