Connecting an Aruba POE Switch to Extreme 8810 Black Diamond


I'm trying to add an Aruba POE Switch to a network which includes an Extreme 8810 Black Diamond switch chassis.

Can anyone assist please
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Ricardo Jose Jr. PalmaNetwork and Security ConsultantCommented:
Hi Diamond,

What specific assistance do you need?

For the Aruba switch you can visit the link below for the configuration guide:

For the Extreme Switch configuration guide, please refer to link below:

Basically, you need to take note of the following:

1. STP configuration
2. Port link types (Access, trunk configuration)
3. VLAN allocation
4. IP addressing for the vlans
5. NTP synchronization
6. QoS (if applicable)

Search those in the guide provided.
Technical InformationAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks for the information. Do I need to create a trunk on both to get them connected together?
Ricardo Jose Jr. PalmaNetwork and Security ConsultantCommented:

Depends. Do you have multiple vlans in your network or just flat?

If only flat, meaning only 1 vlan, then no need to configure trunk links.

If multiple vlans, then need to configure trunk, allow the vlans, and set native vlan.
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