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Best crystal report system for sharpdevelop IDE  users
umar farouqAsked:
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Dirk StraussSenior Full Stack DeveloperCommented:
Have you tried using SharpDevelop Reports? There is a NuGet package for it too (albeit a bit outdated). Have a look at the Wiki on GitHub for more info.

SharpDevelop Reports (SDR) is the open source .NET reporting solution shipping with SharpDevelop. SDR supports Windows (WPF or Windows Forms) as well as Web (ASP.NET) applications thanks to its ability to use printers or output directly to PDF. Databases (not limited to SQL Server!) as well as object lists are supported as data sources.
There is only 1 Crystal Reports "system".   Crystal Reports is a stand-alone report development tool that can be used with a myriad of database types.

As far as I know it cannot be integrated into another IDE.

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