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Hey Guys,

I am new to Windows Server 2016 Essentials.  I am familiar and regularly deploy Server 2016 Standard.  Can I still join the PC's to Server 2016 Essentials domain through System Properties?  Would I be able to make changes to client PC's using GPO?  Would I be able to add second server or second domain controller to Server 2016 Essentials?  Thanks.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You can join PCs using standard methods. But you won't get essentials features. No client backup and won't be listed on the dashboard or the remote access web page.

GPOs work the same.

Yes you can add additional servers and domain controllers. Essentials must keep all FSMO roles and cant do trusts  so no multi-domain forests though. Additional servers require CALs. The 25 users in essentials DOES NOT cover additional servers.
Here is a comparison of Windows Server 2016 Essentials:

This should answer the question regarding joining to the Domain:

As far as I am aware GPO's should also function.
Infotech2008Author Commented:
I really appreciate your help.
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