Path for Exchange 2016 DAG upgrade

I am getting ready to upgrade my current Exchange servers and would like to see if anyone might have some thoughts on the best pathway to do so.  I currently have 2 Exchange 2010 servers in a DAG.  They are running all roles on each box, there is no perimeter Edge server.  I have read several docs on migrating from my 2010 DAG to a 2016 DAG but I had a couple of possible upgrades that I thought my help me lock down my environment a bit.  First possibility would be to add an Edge server.  If I go this route, how does that impact the migration and setup since I don’t currently have one?  Does the Edge role server require a whole separate license or how does the licensing work?  Microsoft can be a bit confusing on their licensing if you ask me.  Or should I forget the Edge and just keep running my DAG behind the firewall with the necessary port opened up?

I'm also looking at adding a SonicWall ESA 5000.  Again, not sure about implementation and whether I need the Edge server or not.  I have a call into an engineer about that.
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timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
The below are so really good reference directions with step by step instructions on co-existence of exchange 2010 and 2016 while you complete the migration and mailbox moves. They are in order and easy to follow. In regards to the DAG, you will have to build a new DAG for Exchange 2016, you can't use the same 2010 DAG with 2016, but its a simple straight forward process.

In regards to the Edge server, I don't use one and never cared for it. We use a firewall in the perimeter for port forwarding and use a 3rd hosted service for mail hygiene for spam and malware. That becomes a decision your org will need to make. From everything i have read it does seem that an additional license is require for the edge transport server.
jb1023Author Commented:
Exactly what I needed, thank you.
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