A Single file for Lenovo Update


This is related to the Lenovo Update (Laptop, Thin PC, X1 carbon, etc).

I worked with different kinds of Lenovo product: Lenovo T520, T530, E540, E550, T560, T570, M9000, etc.

Last time , I did Lenovo update to all the above machines by executing this files (please see the attachment);
However, recently, I cannot do the Lenovo update (Not windows update) by executing this files anymore.

Any help?

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Sam Simon NasserConnect With a Mentor IT Support ProfessionalCommented:
here is the lenovo system update https://support.lenovo.com/bg/en/solutions/ht003029
download for windows 7 and above https://support.lenovo.com/downloads/DS012808

also, try the lenovo companion (aka lenovo vantage - only for windows 10) https://support.lenovo.com/bg/en/solutions/ht505081
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