AD DS issues

I installed windows server 2012 and each time i had multiple issues.  

Background intelligent transfer service stopped
Diagnostic Policy Service  stopped
User Access Logging Service  Stopped
Distributed Transaction Coordinator   Stopped

In addition that I cannot register a computer on the server.  
"an active directory controller ad dc for the domain could not be contacted"

osei gunthorpeTechnicianAsked:
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If the sysvol is not shared on the server, this means the server is not ready to serve as a DC.
Check the event log to make sure a service/component is not errored out.
Look at the detail of the network on the server, make sure it is not using as the name server.

This was the practice before, but in newer server versions, the use of has an adverse impact on the functionality of a DC.
If this the only DC inthe place, use its LAN ip instead of the localhost.
Make sure to define a L?aN integrated zone where you add the dc's ip with a PTR to the server's name.
Look at output from
nslookup -q=SRV _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.youraddomainname

The network affiliation reflection the server shoukd be on a domain where the requisite ports ...

The workstation being joined to the domain needs to inky have the IP of the DC as the name server it will query for the above info.
osei gunthorpeTechnicianAuthor Commented:
I have been using the server ip address as DNS  but I still cannot join the workstation to the server.
I gave the workstation a static address and the DNS  setting I gave the address of the server.
i am at a loss right now.  This is happening on all 14 machines.
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Are you merely changing the affiliation for the workstation from the default workgroup into a domain, or are you running the network wizard to join the system to the domain.

Seems peculiar this is the second thread I see that reports this issue.

Does the server have sysvol published, net share?
See if the following discussion while applying to server 2016 help shed light on your situation.
Testing DC health.... Etc.
osei gunthorpeTechnicianAuthor Commented:
arnold, I actually did both. the network wizard and no about sysvol
osei gunthorpeTechnicianAuthor Commented:
Thank you, it worked out fine.
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