Strikethrough Font Unmanageable in Word Nested Lists / Outline Lists

Nested List / Outline list in Word 2016

Apply strikethrough to element in list

Strikethrough is ALSO applied to the number AND...all successive elements.

Strikethrough one thing on a list to to indicate "done" means...all new elements are also struckthrough, even the numbers.

Any way to apply strikethrough font to an element in a Word nested list without it applying to the number of the list item and, more importantly, to all the rest of the list?
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Stacy BrownSenior Applications AdministratorCommented:
How are you applying strikethrough?  If you are just using it to check things off a list you should just be using direct formatting or a character style.  No need to change the style of the numbered paragraph.  You can also check to make sure that your numbered style is NOT set to Automatically Update (right click the style and choose Modify.  It's a check box at the bottom).
oaktreesAuthor Commented:
Thank you! :)))
Stacy BrownSenior Applications AdministratorCommented:
You are very welcome oaktrees!
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