Need help in configuring SOHO infra

Hello Experts,

I had a basic requirement of having a AD to authenticate users, block a few websites (whatsapp,Facebook and Youtube). The sites had to be available only for HR and Management teams and were to be blocked for everyone else.
This was outsourced to a thirdparty vendor to get this up and running in about 5 days.

However the vendor informed me that the requested setup is complete in about 5 hours.
What he has done are the following
** ubuntu server installed serving as a DC and AD authentication server.
** pfSense firewall installed but this is currently down due to the OS blowing away after power failure.
** certificate that was generated to ensure internet only works when the certificate is installed.

Now the issue is with the websites blocked. All users are currently being blocked from using these sites. Facebook, WhatsApp and other Social media like twitter are a requirement for HR and Management operations.

The setup is incomplete and the vendor is absconding after payment.
Since I am knowledgeable about Linux OS and familiar with CLI, I need to make sure the required setup is up and running.

Kindly point me to the right KBs or Update me on the steps that I need to take to ensure this is completed.
Harish NAsked:
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You'd need to enable Squid, as you have to be proxying traffic in order to inspect SSL traffic.

BTW - You may have to have some items like Dropbox bypass Squid because proxying sometimes screws up the packets.
Did you test the "completed" setup before payment? I know many vendors require half the payment before work, but did you pay in full? And if you're able to show documentation of the requirements, your expressing and demonstrating the issues, and their lack of response, then you could look into escalating the issue. Get all of this documentation (and backups of the setup) in place BEFORE making modifications.

Also, make sure that the network infrastructure is on UPS units, including the firewall.

Are you looking for assitance with getting pfSense installed, or with its actual configuration once you get it set up?
Harish NAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.
The payment was made in advance. The firewall is now up and running thanks to the installation media, I could get the previous firewall running.
However there is an issue wherein the firewall is now blocking traffic from Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and few other applications. It also blocks installation from Adobe and access to few websites. I found that SSL filtering is root cause for this block. Request your guidance on how to unblock or allow traffic through the firewall for these blocked apps and sites with having the SSL filtering enabled.
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