An alternative to SharePoint Foundation required

We are looking for an alternative to SharePoint Foundation 2010 which is coming to end of life.
There is the possibility to move to Foundation 2013 (still free), but this also has only a few years of life left.

There are a confusing amount of possible alternatives out there and before I start sifting through them I thought I would ask the Experts what they thought.
We are happy to have either a cloud based or on premise solution and although what we have now is free we would be prepared to pay a little for something that has wow appeal.

We are a construction company and use SharePoint as a document store, photo gallery and very basic workflow (question/answer lists) for each of the 5 - 10 projects we are working on. What we like most is it is storage with meta data (who posted, who modified, when and various custom columns we have created) much more useful than just storing in folders as we did in the past. More document management than collaboration.

Our Intranet (only AD users are ever likely to to use it) needs are:

1. Storage for Word, Excel, PDF files with meta data we can add (Who, When, Where, Custom Columns etc), and batch upload/download.
2. Very simple Workflow. An uploaded or emailed document sits there until it has been actioned, after which it becomes easily identifiable as complete.
3. Photo Gallery - Single or multiple uploads, Albums, Thumbnail views, Auto Date stamping, Indexing.
4. Custom permissions on each site and within each site for individuals and groups.

As you can see are needs are simple and we could just use shared folders on the server. SharePoint Foundation mainly gave us tracking abilities and additional easily viewable meta data in its storage capabilities, and for free!!

Thanks for you time
Neil RandallAsked:
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
We migrated our SharePoint Foundation from 2010 to 2013 where it's at now. It's backend is SQL 2012 R2 or 2014 I don't remember which.

I prefer SharePoint and to have our data on-premises but that's just me.

Office 365 has a good SharePoint setup with all of the goodness we come to expect. Check out/in, versioning, recycle bins for users and admins, great search, and more. But then, on-premises can also have that if set up properly. :)

Licensing for on-premises can be either via a service provider with a monthly payment per user or the licensing could be purchased outright.

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Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
If you are using 2010 and like it, then 2013 will be a good move for you. Keep in mind, the end of life statements are more of a marketing statement than a technical one. It's not like on certain date the software stops working. If you don't plan on making sweeping changes to the environment you describe above, SharePoint 2013 foundation will serve  your needs for a decade to come, give or take a few months.

Hope that helps...
Neil RandallAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I think for ease of upgrade a move to Foundation 2013 would be the easiest and cheapest.
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