SharePoint Online - Hide Site Contents?

Hi all,

Is there way to hide the Site Contents link in Sharepoint Online, specifically from the cog menu please?

Here's a screenshot:

Office365 support hasn't responded for 3 weeks.. so have given up on them.

And other articles online are all referring to the removal of Site Contents link from the Quick Launch menu.

The idea is to block them for everyone except site owners.

Any help / pointers highly appreciated.
Seth GarrettAsked:
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Keyboard CowboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For SharePoint 2010 - you can tailor those items based on a permissions mask and use the masking for site contents 15 which is full control.
Users without full control won't see the link but they'll still be able to go to site contents if they know the URL
Doesn't work online unfortunately but I mention it to be complete for other readers

For SP online, see 
for a solution for read-only users
See this link for a preferred approach at 
this should work on 2016, online etc.

I'd test the second solution with a test user thoroughly - it will also disallow certain other application pages
but you probably don't want general users going to those pages anyway
If you dont' know how to change/copy/set permission levels, there's tons of info on that out in sharepoint blog-lan but I can also guide you in that - easy peasy.
Read the link above - the following refers to their approach
If you have to change the OOB permissions levels due to several non-inherited permissions on lists, etc then
then copy and rename like contribute-original
otherwise - best to copy contribute permission level to something like contribute-noapppages and then edit user permissions to use this alternate level.
You'l lhave to edit each permission level  (read, contribute, edit,... ) that you want to apply this to.
Read-restricted already can't see app pages
test test and test again though and document for whoever is the site admin down the road  
You said you know how to hide on quick launch so I won't go into that.

let me know if this helps - I've done this before but was a long time ago.
Keyboard CowboyCommented:
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