Brocade 300 shutdown command

Hi - I need to move two Brocade 300s to new pdu's. Can someone confirm whether there is a shutdown command/procedure for a Brocade 300 running Kernel: Fabric OS:  v7.0.0c or do you pull the cord?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered - Thanks in advance!
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dfkeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To avoid corrupting your file system, it is recommended that you always perform graceful shutdowns of switches and Directors.  

For Directors running Fabric OS versions prior to 5.1.x, the following procedure describe how to gracefullyshut down a Director:

  • Verify which CP is the active CP, and log in to the active CP using a Serial Console connection.

  • On the standby CP, set the slider switch to the off position, or eject the standby CP from the chassis. Thisdisables the standby CP.

  • Enter the reboot command from the active CP. This will gracefully take down the system. When you see the "Press escape within 4 seconds to enter boot interface" message, press ESC to suspend the active CP.

  • Power off the chassis by flipping both AC power switches to "0" (LEDs inside AC power switches shouldturn off). To maintain the ground connection, leave both power cords connected to the chassis and to electrical outlet.

For both switches and Directors running Fabric OS 5.1.0 and later, it is recommended that you use the following graceful shutdown procedures

  • Connect to the switch and log in as admin.
  • Enter the sysShutdown command.At the prompt, type y.
  • switch:admin> sysshutdown - This command will shutdown the operating systems on your switch.You are required to power-cycle the switch in order to restore operation.Are you sure you want to shutdown the switch [y/n]?y
  • Wait until a following similar message displays: Broadcast message from root (ttyS0) Wed Jan 25 16:12:09 2006...The system is going down for system halt NOW !!INIT: Switching to run level: 0INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal Unmounting all file systems. The system is halted flushing ide devices: hda Power down.
  • Power off the switch

Sam Simon NasserConnect With a Mentor IT Support ProfessionalCommented:
just pull the cord!. but remember this: in Cisco switch we have the command do write to save the configuration in the memory. honestly i dont know if brocade have such command.
agcsupportAuthor Commented:
I have saved and copied my configs elsewhere. I have confirmed the sysshutdown command is available on the devices.

Thanks you!
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HI agcsupport,

Well done! :) JHappy to help you out.

It's not a director switch so the above procedure is not required.

Also blatant copy/paste without quoting reference is looked down upon.
agcsupportAuthor Commented:
Andyalder - Can you elaborate? If I’m not running Director the sysshutdown command is not needed? Pulling the power cord is ok? Would running the command be ok even without Director?
agcsupportAuthor Commented:
Update - The sysshutdown command worked perfect.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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