"unsubscribe link" for my marketing emails

I would like some suggestions on how to make a simple free "unsubscribe link" for my marketing emails. A one-click solution. I used to use a service called "SURCA" by GroupMail (https://insights.groupmail.io/Account/Login) but they've switched to a paid format and it's looking like it's going to cost my $5000 a year.

At the moment I have a link in each email that looks like this: http://surca.gm-link.com/unsub/q2r/5ECE723D6CDD4599A5C30877FD82B3C5/request?email=!*EMAIL-GOES-HERE*!

Anyhow, maybe this is something that I can do with Google Forms?

Please give me some ideas. Thanks!
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greghollAuthor Commented:
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