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Can pure java web apps run on coldfusion server?

Last Modified: 2020-03-03

I am a coldfusion developer.  I have a probably dumb question.  If we want to create some JAVA we apps, would we be able to run those on our coldfusion server?

I know that CF runs on Java, so I am guessing the answer is yes, but am unsure.

Are there java web servers?  Or do people run java on IIS, APache, etc?

Thanks for any info.

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Thanks for the information and the answer!
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Can you elaborate on what you mean by java web app?  It's probably more common to run ColdFusion on IIS/Apache, but it can run on Jetty (the "Express" versions do this), Resin or servlet containers like Tomcat. CF also supports java servlets, .jsp pages (Enterprise Edition).


Hi _agx_,

The problem is, I am too ignorant to answer your question.  We are looking to hire a Java programmer to program an application for us so that we can start moving in the direction of java apps.  I really don't know what that means at this point.  I do however appreciate your willingness to try to help me.  I went with the conservative answer of no - it can't be done - for the time being.  I am trying to justify upgrading our current CF server - which isn't too expensive - and one of the questions I was asked is "will the new java app run on it".   I told the director of BI, no, it will not.  Just to be on the safe side...

Thanks anyway...

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Well, CF itself runs as a java application of sorts (servlet).  From CF10+ the internal server is Tomcat.  So you can do things like incorporate other servlets, run and/or interact with jsp pages from CF (requires Enterprise) or create web services.  I agree erring on the side of caution is usually best.  Just wanted to point out that it might be possible. All depends on what kind of a web app, and how it would be used.  Just to give you an idea, this is a little outdated, but most of it still applies.  

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