OLTP database, trying to ease the reporting difficulties

the two servers involved are sql 2014 and sql 2016
Our billing system is an OLTP database and it is very hard to report off of.   I have been reading on OLAP and ssas.  Is there a good manual or starting place for a rookie to try to overcome the reporting issues.
any ideas on should i start with trying to use ssas or creating an olap database from the online transactional database.
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Pushpakumara MahagamageVPCommented:
Creating a Data cube and grant access to finance people would be the best option. becouse they are excel experts and they can view data as they wish from data cube.
Read following article and create SSAS Data cude.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct_hn_e_59k  (I didn't watch entire video)
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
I'm not sure if you really want to go for SSAS for this.
Being hard to report from your OLTP database, it might means that perhaps isn't well designed instead of "not work for an OLTP db".
If you can be more specific with the kind of report are you trying to obtain, it may help us to advice you better.
jamesmetcalf74Author Commented:
Thanks Guys
Pushpakumara MahagamageVPCommented:
You are welcome.
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