Office 365 eDiscovery Security & Compliance.


I am running an Office 365 eDiscovery in the Security and Compliance page.  As we are searching all mailboxes, the result has exceeded 3TB.  

We usually download the result file in PST format and send it to the lawyer.  But I do not think we can do it like that this time.

Is it possible to share that result with a lawyer who is outside of the company online?

Any suggestion or advise is appreciated.  

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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
One option is to use Advanced eDiscovery to "triage" the results - Microsoft reports almost 50% reduction in the volume (and thus the cost). You need E5 for this however:

Exporting to separate PST files is possible on a per-mailbox basis, and since the max size for PST file is 10GB, you are forced to split the results between multiple PSTs anyway. But with that much data, it will definitely not be a pleasant task...

Other than that, you can simply create an account for him and add him to the case so he can perform some actions directly in the SCC, instead of exporting.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
I agree with @Vasil, the simplest thing to do is to create and account for the lawyer and add him to the Ediscovery case that you will create in advance.
nav2567Author Commented:
Thanks, everyone.
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