SSRS expression to calculate per row across group results

I have an issue with a calculation in SSRS 2016. My tablix reports on orders and has 3 row groups. From outside to inside that is:
- Whether the order was closed or missed (boolean)
- Market segment
- Market subsegment
I also have a column groups for month and year-to-date.
My problem is that I want to perform a calculation for the ytd column group that involve results from both the "closed" and "missed" results in the row groups, for the market group and subgroup records. I've tried to illustrate it in attached example.
Anyone have any idea what expression i can use to achieve this? Not sure if it matters, but the datasource is an SSAS MDX cube.
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Koen Van WielinkBusiness Intelligence SpecialistAsked:
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Koen Van WielinkConnect With a Mentor Business Intelligence SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Think I did. In the end I solved this issue by reversing the sorting order and using the "Previous" function. I'm not too happy I had to reverse the sorting though.
The example is on another network so I'll close the question, as the solution is already accepted by my product owners.
Thanks for replying nonetheless.
Arifhusen AnsariBusiness Intelligence Developer and AnalystCommented:

I think you missed to attach example.

Please attach the same.

Koen Van WielinkBusiness Intelligence SpecialistAuthor Commented:
In the end I found a (suboptimal) way to resolve the issue, as described. I don't have the example handy anymore so I'll accept what I have now and close the question.
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