Qt Creator 2.6.0 (Qt 4.8.2) Debugger does not work on Windows 7 associated with Visual Studio 2010 Pro SP1

I have to modify a Qt Creator project on Windows 7. The compiler/linker uses Visual Studio 2010 Pro SP1. (The debugger works on VS, but not on Qt.)
I debug by adding print statements. I want to be able to debug using a debugger.

I found this page which also leads to subsequent links.

The IT department (one person) is overworked, and this debugger task is considered low priority. Furthermore, the admin has no idea how to get the debugger to work. The lead said that if I can come up with a step-by-step written list of things to do, then he would raise the priority of getting the debugger to work. Statements like "add <...> to Qt screen <...>" doesn't help since IT won't know what to do. Need detailed steps.

Maybe someone has already done this and can provide these detailed steps (supported by links so I can review and ask questions, to help clarify the steps - I get one shot to get this to work). General comments and links without the detailed steps probably won't help the IT guy.

A year ago, I think I saw that we needed a version of SDK (maybe SDK 7.1?) to get the Qt Debugger to work. This SDK is not installed on my Windows 7 workstation, but I am told that we are allowed to install it. In general, we have a list of items we are allowed to install, and anything not on the list is not permitted.

My environment:
Windows 7
Qt Creator 2.6.0 based on Qt 4.8.2
Qt Compiler/linker used is hooked to Visual Studio 2010 Pro SP1

Although VS 2010 has a debugger, it is internal and cannot be used to support Qt debugging.

I am guessing that the first step in this process should be to create a restore point (so that if the steps fail, I can revert and still build/run a Qt generated program).

Thanks in advance.

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phoffricAuthor Commented:
We got SDK-7.1 installed, and Qt Creator's auto-detected picked up the cdb.exe. Now we could build in debug mode. We set a breakpoint on a line that was executed, but the program did not stop on the breakpoint.

Debug log file showed that a folder was missing, and there was no required .dll file.

After seeing the errors, the lead found out that Qt has to be installed after SDK-7.1 is installed. This activity will occur in a few months after Windows 10 is installed, so I am going to be using a lot of print statements for 3-6 months.
Subrat (C++ windows/Linux)Software EngineerCommented:
R u able to build using QT with VS2010 compiler?
Can you provide screen shot of Build Settings in QT?
phoffricAuthor Commented:
>> R u able to build using QT with VS2010 compiler?
Yes, in Release mode only.

>> Can you provide screen shot of Build Settings in QT?
No. Not connected.

Someone thought that for Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 Pro, I need to get SDK 7.1 installed; and IT is allowed to do that. If that is the case, then what does the IT guy have to do to get the debugger integrated into Qt?
phoffricAuthor Commented:
First install SDK-7.1
Then install Qt

If Qt is already installed, uninstalling it and removing all traces of it (to be certain). Then install SDK-7.1.
Then reinstall Qt.
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