Help converting MS Outlook email folders into single PDF file with attachments

I am trying to convert a lot of email messages in Microsoft Outlook into usable PDF files.  I am using Outlook 10 on a Windows 7 PC and have Acrobat X Pro installed.  I have arranged my emails into folders. Some of the emails include embedded pictures and many include attachments.  Most of the attachments are PDF files or jpegs, but some are Word or Excel files.  

For example, I have a folder named "Payments" that has 95 emails in it in reverse chronological order.  Each email has a small Excel file attached.  I would like to find an easy way to turn this into one big PDF where the first page is Email #1, then page 2 is Email #1 attachment, then Page 3 is email #2...

I tried right clicking on the folder and selecting Convert "Payments" to Adobe PDF.  Under Adobe Change Conversion Settings I have it set to Acrobat 6 compatibility, told it to include all attachments in Adobe PDF, create a PDF portfolio is NOT checked, and I unchecked Block download of External content.

I get an email with 95 pages, but no attachments!  I changed my default printer to be the Adobe PDF driver, I still do not get attachments.

I tried selecting all the emails in the folder and right clicking convert to a PDF, but even though it processed 95 emails my PDF has only 1 page!  There must be an easy way to do this.
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Christ HaroldSoftware EngineerCommented:
Dear Author,

There is the solution available to convert Outlook PST files to PDF file format but the method is the little bit tricky and requires some technical knowledge too.

The Method is like
  1. Download and Installs Thunderbird Email Client (Free) on your system
  2. Import Outlook PST file Folders into Thunderbird. By doing so your Outlook PST file get converted to MBOX file format.
  3. Then Export MBOX file to PDF file format without any difficulty.

Read this article For Technical Help

Article 1:
Article 2:

I hope this will help you

Thanks & Regards
Christ Harold
Software Engineer
Christ HaroldSoftware EngineerCommented:
As There is no response from the author side, therefore, I thought that user problem gets rectified. So, I initiate the autoclose of the question.
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