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Access 2003 mdb won't open linked tables after local LAN DNS server switch

Access 2003 mdb with a SQL 2014 backend. We recently changed DNS servers on our LAN to a new box with a new name and IP address, and now the ODBC linked tables to SQL take forever to open. Is there something in an mdb that remembers it's LAN DNS server? I already tried relinking a few tables with the linked table manager, no difference. I do know, however, that the ODBC DSN is fine because I created a test mdb and added a few linked tables from the same SQL backend, and they open lightning fast. It's just something about this existing mdb that now won't open tables in a tolerable time.
4 Solutions
I'm not sure what Access caches.  However if linking new tables using the same DSN results in no problem, I would simply delete all the linked tables and start again.
QMBBAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Hey, I am just now noticing that even local tables, not linked, take the same forever to open. So, it's not just linked tables.

QMBBAuthor Commented:
and, linked tables using a different DSN (an ODBC tour our MySQL web server offsite) also take forever to open. These are all tables with hardly any records, btw.

So, it's an issue opening ANY table no matter if it's linked or not.
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QMBBAuthor Commented:
and, it's just this ONE mdb. I have a few others that have some of the exact same linked tables to SQL and they open just fine.

This mdb has been around since 2003, and the DNS server that has been retired did exist when this mdb was created, if that makes a difference, but I don't see how.

There are about 6 dll's and a couple .ocx's that I had to register with Windows when i installed this mdb back in 2003 , but.... maybe I need to re-register them?
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Create a new 2003 mdb file, attach the tables, and see if you can open and read these at normal speed.
If so, reference the dlls and ocxs. If tables still open rapidly, import all objects from the old 2003 mdb.
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Check and see if you have any mapped printers or drives that are not available.   If so, disconnect them.

  These will slow down the process that Windows goes through when dealing with network connections.

John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Check if your settings in the workstations NIC point to the new DNS or the continue to use the old one..
QMBBAuthor Commented:
John, good point, but yes the workstations were already pointing to the new DNS server. Gustav's solution did the trick.
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