Need suggestions about tools to manipulate data in a MySql  database and create forms to display data.

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I trade options.  At present I am entering each trade into a spreadsheet .  I can manipulate each individual trade rather easily but when I want to summarize data I have to determine each piece of data I need and what cell it is in and then manually create a summary function.  

Spreadsheets are good for certain things.  Databases are good at storing data for manipulation.

I want to store my trades in a database .  I chose MySql  because it is free.  I am using OpenOffice  calc as my spreadsheet .  I want to be able to export data from MySql  to OpenOffice  Calc .

I want to be able to create forms so I can view the data in the database .  

 I want to avoid using Microsoft products because I don't want to pay the license fees.  I am the only one who will use the data so I want to keep costs low.

From looking at many web pages I gather people are using PHP or Django to display and manipulate MySql  data and create forms.  

I am willing to spend some time to study but I am not going to be an expert programmer.  I have experience using SQL server and using SQL expressions.  I have some experience programming active server pages and ADO.

I have 2 computers both running Windows 7 pro.  They are networked together.  I plan to have one computer running MySql  and the other will be a client machine.

So what I want to do is:
Export data from MySql  to OpenOffice  Calc
Create forms so I can view data in the MySql  database
Print some reports.

1.) From the web sites I have viewed it seems PHP or Django are used to manipulate data (add, delete, insert, update) and to display data.  Which would you use?  Or can you suggest some other tool to use?

2.) I put my trades into spreadsheets because this is the only way I can connect to my broker's web site and get up to the minute price data .  I plan to enter my trades into MySql  and then export the trades to spreadsheets.  It seems Python can create OpenOffice  Calc spreadsheets.  Python seems to be able to talk to MySql  .  What would be required to have Python create forms to view MySql  data?

3.) If I use PHP or Django, I guess I have to install some sort of software to display web pages.  What tool is best to install?  Apache?  Or something else?  If I use Python, would I need to install any web server?

4.) How much html5 would I have to know to make this all work?

5.) May be you have better suggestions?  Please share your suggestions.
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I recommend you use OpenOffice Database program to connect to your MySQL database.  You will need the MySQL ODBC drivers to do that.  And you don't 'need' to put the MySQL server on a different machine.  I normally use LibreOffice but I just downloaded OpenOffice and installed it and used it to connect to the MySQL database on the same machine.  I did the same with LibreOffice on the machine beside it which has it's own MySQL server.

In addition, the machine with OpenOffice also has WAMP installed which is a complete development package for PHP and MySQL.  You could use it also in your project at some point.  In particular, it makes it very easy to install MySQL.  Then you cause later use PHP thru the WAMP web server to create web pages that do what you want.


Thank you for your help

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