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Can you please tell me how to i go back to the design view? I am using Visual Studio 2012 SIS in windows 7 environment.
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Arifhusen AnsariConnect With a Mentor Business Intelligence Developer and AnalystCommented:
Right click on "SSIS Package" Folder and Click on "New SSIS Package" it will add new package.

Double click on Package. it will be opened in Design mode.

Hopefully it will help you. Capture.PNG
Click on tab "Solution Explorer" and then double click on your form. In your screenshot we can see the interface of MS Visual Studio but not MS Sql Server =)
If you want to seen controls and elements, click menu: View->ToolBox
mustish1Author Commented:
I can't find the form name in solution explorer.
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MishaConnect With a Mentor ProgrammerCommented:
Do you install SSIS for VS Studio Correct? Instal

In SQL Server Data Tools there are two separate toolboxes, the generic Toolbox and then the SSIS Toolbox.  Go to the SSIS menu and in the drop down select the SSIS Toolbox to display the toolbox.
mustish1Author Commented:
It says package2 it means package1 is also their but don't know how to bring it back.
mustish1Author Commented:
Thank You.
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