Allow Telnet to server behind a Sonicwall

How do I setup a Sonicwall TZ300 to allow me to telnet into a server on the local lan behind the sonicwall?
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Russ SuterCommented:
On which port(s)?

You should just be able to set up port forwarding but you need to know what you're going to Telnet into and on what port that service is listening in order for that to work. Bear in mind that you're about to punch a hole in your security. It would be more advisable to setup a VPN instead.
hwlambertAuthor Commented:
The user is logging into a very old Alpha Micro Server through telnet on port 23.  I would like to setup a VPN to get them in.
Russ SuterCommented:
VPN is definitely the way to go. We have a TZ300 at work with VPN services enabled but I cannot remember off the top of my head how it was originally configured. I can get back to you tomorrow when I can look at the VPN settings.

In the meantime, either of these YouTube videos might be of some help:

The first is standard VPN setup. The second is SSL VPN.
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi hwlambert,

How do I setup a Sonicwall TZ300 to allow me to telnet into a server on the local lan behind the sonicwall?
I'd strongly recommend against this practice entirely, locally or from the WAN (Port Forwarding), as it is a Security Bad Practice. The telnet service is dangerous since it is not encrypted - anyone can sniff the data that passes between the telnet client & the server includes credentials; hackers hackers can use it to tunnel through the firewall.

FYI: SSH (Secure Shell) is the predecessor to Telnet and should be used in its place as a secure method for remote management but again not directly from the WAN.

If you are looking to remotely manage a server from the WAN then setup an SSL-VPN on the SonicWALL. That will provide you secure remote access to any segment of the network or just a few servers (however you prefer). Then from there you can RDP into the servers because you will be on the network as if you had a machine on the LAN or whichever segment you need access to.

I can better advise you if you tell me what your goal is?

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hwlambertAuthor Commented:
I have setup an SSL-VPN and it is working. My concern was the old server being maintained. I know the VPN is the most secure and just jumped in and got it setup.  Thanks for your help.
Russ SuterCommented:
So your issue is resolved now?
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