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I tried to create a table name Apps in the Movies database but don't know where it goes. Can you please help me out?
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Nakul VachhrajaniTechnical Architect, Capgemini IndiaCommented:
It's being created against the [master] database. Notice that [master] has been selected at the top left drop-down in SSMS.

Generally, the recommendation would be to have a USE statement that changes the database context at the start of a script so that you know the specific database where the script will be executed against. The USE statement looks like:
USE [Movies]

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USE is probably the simplest method.  But FWIW, you can also specify the database name in the CREATE TABLE statement

CREATE TABLE DatabaseName.schemaname.TableName ( ..... )

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  • DatabaseName = "Movies"
  • SchemaName = Whatever you want, but defaults to "dbo"
  • TableName = "Apps"


CREATE TABLE Movies.dbo.Apps ( AppID int, /* more column definitions here */ )

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mustish1Author Commented:
Thank You.
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