How to determine the right certificates on exchange server 2013 ?

How do I know which certificates are being used on my exchange server ?

The IT company that did install the certificates is not reachable anymore and I know that they had to use some certificates, then they dropped it and re-installed a new one...since I am managing 5 domains under my exchange box.
How do I know from this screenshot which is still used and which is not so that I know which one to renew and when ?
Pierre AmmounAsked:
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Valentina PerezConnect With a Mentor Exchange ServersCommented:
Hi Pierre,

You can check the certificate that you are using in exchange should be valid and contains all the correct names that you uses in virtual directories. You can verify which certificate is selected in the bindings IIS.

Regarding IIS, it is easy if you connect in Outlook Web App you can see which certificate is used with thumbprint.

Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectCommented:
check in IIS, which certificate is binded to you Default website?
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
It's bad practice to give a certificate the name of a default self-signed Exchange certificate (i.e. "Microsoft Exchange").  Typically, you can remove the certificates that show "Invalid" because they are expired and no longer usable.

From the Exchange Management Shell, you can check which are valid and which are not and remove them there too.
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Why not just open the Exchange Admin center and go to servers | Certificates. It will show you all certificates bound on each server and what services they are bound to. you can easily see if they are valid there.
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