make printer work in ubunttu 17.10

i need to make my brother printer hl-l2340dw work in ubuntu 17.10.  i changed os to windows 7.  it is easy to make the printer work there.  windows always wanted to make updates and after a few days, i came back to ubuntu.  the ubuntu version is different and i can't get the printer to work.  i downloaded the 5 driver files from brother printers as i said in a previous post.  i don't know what to do now because my post was not explicit enough.  i possibly should have given 7 more of a chance since my dragon naturally talking was still under a paid license for a few more months.  after the printer works, i need to look at ubuntu verbal movement because this this post is tiring my left index finger.
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As you implied it worked after your previous question, please explain what the problem is now. We need something more explicit than "it doesn't work". The more information you can give us, the better your chances of getting the right answer.

We need to know what doesn't work.
  • Does Ubuntu think the printer is installed?
  • What happens when you print - any error messages?
  • Does the printer show a blinking light or some other indication that it is receiving data?
  • As you mentioned Dragon Naturally, is the problem in scanning rather than printing?
  • Does the printer have the correct IP address? Check by printing a config page.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
i changed os from ubuntu to windows 7 just to use Dragon Naturally Speaking.  dns for brevity.  7 was always saying "preparing to configure windows.  do not turn off your computer."

then it would make me wait for about an hour.  t did that 4 or 5 times one day and i decided to go back to ubuntu and find speech recognition there.  

ubuntu  changed their window interface and now i cannot write text in libreoffice writer and print it.  i don't know how to install my printer in the new ubuntu interface.  the printer works fine mechanically but i cannot write text in libreoffice writer and print it.  i don't know how to install my printer or ping the interface.
i've given up on making it a network printer for now.  i just use the wired connection.  i don't know how to ping the printer nor how use the 5 brother printer files to use their autoinstaller.
Let's ignore DNS for now, as it is installed under Windows, not Ubuntu.

If you are unable to type text into Libreoffice, then something is obviously wrong there. You may have to reinstall it or fix it in some other way, but that does not appear to be related to a printer problem either. Try posting a separate question about it.

To see if the printer is installed in Ubuntu, type:
lpstat -p
from a "terminal" window. If the printer shows up there, then you should be able to print. In that case, try printing from a different application. For example, try printing a photo from Image Viewer.

Only network printers are ping-able, so ignore that if the printer is USB connected.

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dwcroninAuthor Commented:
i misspoke: i can type into LibreOffice writer; it just won't print  what I've typed.  lpstat --p says the printer is there but it won't print.  i'll go back and try brother's website again.
Can you print from any other app besides LibreOffice? How about printing from your browser?
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
i'm taking a break from voice control and i'm back to trying to get my brother printer hl-l2340dw to work in Ubuntu.  the printer just printed 2 printer settings pages (so it will work, it has paper, and it has toner).  i tried printing from firefox and it didn't print there either.  the command : lpstat -p says the printer is there ad gives the correct name for the printer.
You could try to reinstall the printer from scratch, but I do have a couple of other questions, one of which I asked before:
  • Are there any error messages when you print?
  • Does the printer indicate that it is receiving data (via a flashing light) when you print?
  • Are any jobs stuck in the print queue? Press Ctrl-F while in the Printers app
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
thanks.  the printer still doesn't work but i need a break from it for a couple days.  i'm going to go back and focus on voice controlled actions in ubuntu.  i've sen dragon in windows but i had some problem because windows kept updating and telling me not to turn it off.  i had dragon naturally speaking ruing and that may have been the problem.  whatever caused the problem. i'll focus on voice control.  
When you're ready to look at the printer again, please answer the questions I asked in my last comment.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
thank you for the help.  my brother went to:
and printed it out at work.  i tried the instructions and my printer works fie now.  now i am trying tofollow the instructions to make voice control work.
If it worked for you, make sure you accept your own answer! If you need help with voice control, please start a new question for that.
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
the printer works now.  thank you hdhondt  i'm going to make a backup and move to voice control.
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